Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm
We are a small family owned micro-farm in Northern Ohio.  It is our goal to raise quality rare and heritage poultry in hopes of keeping these birds available to the public. While not all of our breeds are rare or endangered we strive for the best quality and birds with the best temperament for our buyers. 

Our animals are raised hormone and antibiotic-free and we practice gentle and humane animal husbandry that allows our pets to live a stress free, contented and comfortable life.  They are raised on high quality feed, green grass, fresh air and sunshine! 
Valley City, OH
No cages, no antibiotics just happy chickens that lay great tasting eggs!
SOME of the exciting Large Fowl breeds we are focusing  
​on this year!

​Plymouth Rocks: Silver Penciled & Partridge

​Marans: French Black Copper, Blue Copper, White & Golden Cuckoo

Cochins:  Gold Laced & Barred

Orpingtons:  English Lavendar,
English & Amer Blue, Chocolate

Wyandottes:  Gold Laced, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Sussex:  Silver, Coronation,
Light & Speckled

​​Ameraucanas: Blue, Splash & Lavender

​Double Laced Blue Barnvelders
Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds
Cream Legbars
​Sweedish Flower Hens
Chicks & Hatching Eggs from our Rare & Heritage Chickens available Now! We do offer custom hatches and juveniles upon request!
Chicken factories, that supply our grocery chains, house hens in a hell of stress and misery and the end product is exactly what you would expect a thin-shelled, yellow-yolked, slimy protein glop! 
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SOME of the exciting Bantam breeds we are focusing
​on this year!

​Wyandottes: Chocolate, Silver Laced, Blue Laced Red

Cochins:  Black, Mottled Black, Mottled Blue, Mille/Calico

Buff Brahmas
Chocolate Orpingtons​​​​​